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Full Tree Service Company

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Licensed & Insured LTE#2298

Edwin's Landscaping and Tree Experts, LLC is a business located in Catonsville, Maryland. Serving commercial and residential clients in Maryland, with top-of-the-line equipment and safety standard.

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We're professional arborist, tree surgeon, that study how to plant, maintain, care, and diagnose trees, shrubs, and other woody plants to serve our community's tree needs.

Tree Services include but are not limited to:

  • Tree Removal

  • Full lot tree clearing 

  • Crown cleaning, thinning and reduction

  • Shrub trimming and shaping

  • Brush removal 

  • Stump grinding and site remediation

  • Storm damage cleanup

  • Emergency tree service

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Large mature are always beautiful to see, which means proper care is important. There are many signs that indicates trees need for removal but that is not always the case. Some trees just need a little TLC, our Arborist can assess your tree's needs and create a tree health treatment. If treatment is not possible and removal is the only answer then there is an opportunity for a new tree to be planted.

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  • A hole in the trunk. A cavity can form in a tree trunk when the tree prunes itself by dropping a branch, which can lead to decay inside the tree.

  • Loose limbs.

  • Missing bark or deep cracks. Deep cracks in bark are also a bad sign.

  • Dead of falling branches is an indication that something is wrong.

  • Tilting due to wind or root damage should be removed.

  • If a tree loses leaves from the outside, it can mean something is not quite right.

  • Root rot can be found if there are mushrooms growing around the base or on the truck of the tree.

Here are some signs a tree may be in danger of falling or losing a limb and can pose a hazard on your property:

Did you know?...
All tree service professionals practicing in Maryland must have a license MD-LTE "License Tree Experts". Without it, they may not practice or advertise tree services in the state.

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